Is Snow Removal the Landlord or Tenant’s Responsibility?


If you are a property manager in a multi-housing unit, than you already know snow removal in all of the common areas and walkways is your responsibility. If you manage a condo rental, perhaps your HOA fees cover snow and ice removal on most paths and driveways. Have you considered whose job is it to shovel snow in single-family rentals? Does the job fall on the landlords, property owners or the tenants?

In most states, you can decide in your rental agreement if snow removal should be the responsibility of the tenant or the landlord. Keep in mind though, that many cities have local ordinances regarding snow removal from pathways for deliverymen and the general public. In many cases, you will be responsible for those fines, regardless of what the terms of your lease agreement are. So, make sure you know what is required by your city or township and have a plan to make sure it gets executed within twenty-four hours after a snowstorm. suggested landlords arm their tenants with a shovel, sand, and salt to ensure the pathways get taken care of after a big storm. This can only serve to expedite the paths being cleared, and help keep you from liable if a passer-by has an accident on your walkway

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